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iWatch could pack flexible screen

iWatch could pack flexible screen

Apple’s smartwatch could pack flexible-screen technology, it has emerged, as the iPhone-maker’s contribution to the world of wearable tech begins to take shape.

According to sources cited by Korean site Chosun Ibo, whose report was picked up by Unwired View, Apple will use OLED bendable displays for the device tentatively dubbed the iWatch.

iwatch unwired view

The same insiders claim that the company is currently testing a variety of different sized flexi-screens for iWatch prototypes: 1.3-inches, 1.4-inches and 1.5-inches.

The report doesn’t give much else away about the device. But earlier rumours suggest that, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the iWatch won’t make and take calls.

Rather, it will be a smartphone accessory intended to be paired with iPhones to allow owners to access key functions, such as email.

Health-monitoring apps are expected to be front and centre too – an impression underlined by rumours that Apple have hired Nike designer Ben Schaffer and Nike-affiliated consultant Jay Blahnik to work on the iWatch.

Both men played an instrumental part in the design of Nike’s own foray into wearable tech, the FuelBand.

The iWatch’s fitness credentials are expected to be boosted by the inclusion of the M7 processor, which debuted last month in the iPhone 5s.

The so-called co-processor is purportedly able to measure fitness and distances more accurately, paving the way for a new breed of sports and health apps.

Sounds cool this iWatch, no? Sure it does.

But before you get too excited and start booking time off work to queue outside Apple stores, though, it’s worth noting that it isn’t due until next year some time.


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