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LG affordable phablet leaked

LG affordable phablet leaked

A new LG phablet, which promises to offer big screen smarts in a cheap package, has been leaked in Russia. The LG G Pro Lite Dual (try saying that after a few jars), will rock a 5.5-inch display, putting it in the same league as Samsung’s Galaxy Mega.

Other rumoured specs are said to include a 1GHz dual-core processor, 960x540 resolution, 8GB of internal storage, SD support and an 8-megapixel camera around the back.

The real story here though is the price. The device is set to cost around $400 (£250) up front in Russia, making it an absolute bargain. That price point should ensure it’ll go free on contract if it does ever reach these shores.

A launch date has apparently been pegged for late October. That may mean the G Pro Lite Dual gets lost in all the Nexus 5 hype, especially if LG and Google decide to serve the latter up at a low asking price as well.



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