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  5. Nexus 5 appears on Google Play Store

Nexus 5 appears on Google Play Store

Nexus 5 appears on Google Play Store

Google’s much-leaked Nexus 5 is another step closer to getting the official nod, after the search giant accidentally posted a listing for the new smartphone on its Play Store.

Beneath an image of the forthcoming handset, Google’s listing read: “Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at $349.”

Google Nexus 5 leaked image

That entry-level price, for a 16GB model, is $50 less than had been suggested by some supposed Google insiders. However, it is $50 more than the cost of a basic Nexus 4.

Google was quick to pull the listing from the Play Store. This represents the latest in a series of leaks and rumours that have helped tech-watchers ascertain pretty much all there is to know about the new blower.

As well as a Full HD, 4.95-inch screen, the Nexus 5 will pack 4G LTE (unlike its predecessor), a Snapdragon 800 processor and, of course, the next-generation version of Android, Kit Kat.

The phone is expected to be unveiled later this month, with October 28th now pegged as the most likely date for the launch.



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