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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t feature metal build, say sources

Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t feature metal build, say sources

Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t feature metal build, say sources

Long-standing rumours that Samsung will adopt a premium, metal construction for the next handset in the Galaxy S range are wide of the mark, insider sources claim.

Expectations that Samsung will opt for a more costly build for the Galaxy S5 stem in part from criticism of the plastic feel of every Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mock-up

Reviewers on a number of specialist tech sites and in the mainstream media damningly contrasted the S5's cheap construction with the rather lush aluminium unibody of the HTC One.

Adding weight to the speculation were reports that Samsung had inked a deal with Catcher Technologies to provide metal shells for its next flagship smartphone, which past form suggests would be the Galaxy S5.

But all that’s wishful thinking, it seems. Or at least it is according to sources cited by, which claims that the S5 will feature the same faux leather back as the Note 3.

Apparently although Samsung’s agreement with Catcher is a done deal, the site reports that this solely covers the as-yet-unconfirmed Galaxy F phones, putative spec sheets for which indicate they are pitched at the very top end of the smartphone market.

Earlier leaks from the Samsung supply chain suggest these will include the tech giant’s super powered Exynos octa-core processor that some anticipated would show up in the Galaxy S4.

A super high-resolution snapper with optical image stabilisation is also said to be in Samsung’s plans for its deluxe range, the first of which it seems is destined to land some time during the second quarter of next year.



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