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Android market share surges again

Android market share surges again

Google Android is sitting pretty on four out of five smartphones. That’s according to new stats released by Strategy Analytics that the platform now accounts for an absurd 81.3% of all devices shipped globally.

Apple comes in a distant second, with iOS on 13.4% of all phones. But that number is down from 15.6% in Q3 2012, while Google's figure is up from 75%.

The numbers make surprisingly good reading for Microsoft, which has seen its share almost double from 2.1% to 4.1% over the past twelve months. BlackBerry meanwhile, has dropped to just 1% from 43.% in 2012.

Android’s popularity reinforces the fact that its availability across the smartphone spectrum makes it easier for consumers to get on board with.

Apple is unlikely to find to much fret about in the data, having posted record iPhone sales for the last three months.

Google’s newly released Nexus 5 should help it push further, with the goal now surely having shifted to reaching 90% of all shipped smartphones.


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