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Apple iWatch: Five key new rumours

Apple iWatch: Five key new rumours

The Apple iWatch is back in the headlines this week, after a slew of new rumours hit the web.

The savvy timepiece has been a fixture on the gossip scene since the start of 2013, but we’re finally getting a clearer idea of what it might look like and the tech it might use.

Want to get the inside line on the very latest rumours? Then read on and we’ll tell you the five key pieces of tittle tattle that’ll make you an iWatch expert.

It’ll come in two sizes

apple iwatch

Analyst David Hsieh has made a bold new prediction, claiming that Apple is working on a man’s and woman’s version of the iWatch.

The man’s one will rock a 1.7-inch OLED display, while the woman’s one will offer a slightly smaller 1.3-inch version. It doesn’t seem nearly as far-fetched as you’d imagine.

The hulking mass that is the Galaxy Gear is useless unless you’ve got wrists like a rugby player (trust us, ours are sparrow-sized). This is a smart way to appeal to the entire market, rather than a simple, sexist gimmick.

It’s killed off Apple’s HD TV

apple hd tv

Along with Hsieh’s claims comes some other interesting gossip. Supply chain sources have told DisplaySearch, Hsieh’s company no less, that Apple is ditching immediate plans for its long-rumoured HDTV, with the iWatch now its main focus for 2014.

Cupertino has been working on a telly with its Apple TV software baked in for years. Steve Jobs talked about it killing cable and satellite services in his biography.

But clearly Tim Cook thinks the more affordable iWatch is a better bet for raking in cash and utilising the existing iOS ecosystem.

Low-power Bluetooth will boost battery life

bluetooth illustration

A recently revealed patent has shown how Apple plans to keep the iWatch’s battery kicking by using low-powered Bluetooth technology.

The watch would connect to an iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth, drawing power to perform key tasks such as access call info, serve up texts and check emails.

There’d be no need for Wi-Fi. It would mean the iWatch would need a far smaller battery, ensuring it’s nice and slim, unlike rival smart watches.

Flexible screen is go

iwatch flexible screen

Apple looks almost nailed on to include a flexible screen on the iWatch. It couldn’t really do without one seeing as a key criticism of Samsung and Sony’s efforts has been their fixed, flat displays.

Rumours of a curved iPhone point to Apple offering a suite of devices using flexible display tech and it’s hard to imagine it not wanting to be at the front of the pack with this futuristic component.

It’s due late 2014

calendar 2014

New rumours might have got us all excited. But the launch date for the iWatch appears to remain the same.

This means it’ll be on shelves around this time next year, with Apple likely reveal it around the same time as the iPhone 6 and its new-look iPads.

That’s some wait, but the hope is that Apple will have taken its time to produce a smartwatch that’ll make others look like cheap knock-offs by comparison.

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