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Google Now gets slew of new features

Google Now gets slew of new features

Google has added a string of new cards to its Google Now service, including the ability to get tailored news headlines, latest blog posts and tips on the best new shows and movies to watch.

The new cards were detailed when Android KitKat was unveiled officially a few weeks back, but are only just making it to the Nexus 5, with other Nexus devices also due to get in on the action soon.

The news topic card will serve up headlines according to stories and items you’ve searched, while the website update card will bring new blog posts and stories from your favourite sites.

The what to watch recommendation tool will tell you the best shows that are on on any given evening when you decide a night slumped on the sofa is preferable to going down the pub.

You can snag the update now from Google Play, with the new features found in Google’s Search for Android app.

Source Google+

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