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iPad mini 2 release delayed by Retina Display problems?

iPad mini 2 release delayed by Retina Display problems?

The iPad mini 2 might not make it to market this month after all, amid reports that Apple has yet to overcome problems with the micro-tablet’s Retina Display.

Claims that Apple’s manufacturing partners were facing challenges with reproducing the standard-sized iPad’s super high-res screen on a smaller scale surfaced months before the device was showcased in late October.

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The issues were thought to be the reason Apple did not announce a concrete availability date for the iPad mini 2 at its launch event. Instead, the tech giant said only that the slate was due to come to market ‘later in November’.

A few weeks later and with still no sign of a firm announcement, ETNews has identified what it claims are manufacturer Sharp’s problems with so-called screen ‘burn-in’ as the reason for the radio silence coming out of Apple.

According to the South Korean site, the hitches are so intractable right now that they could force Apple to delay the device further. And worse, may even force the company to turn to deadly rival Samsung, which seems to have discovered a way to surmount the issue, for help.

Apparently, the glitches aren’t visible to you or I, but mean that Sharp's screens do not “meet the particular technological standards of Apple”, resulting in a major shortfall of displays for the mini 2 in the short term.

An unnamed industry expert told the site: “If the burn-in problem is not solved, Apple will be in a fix.

“If Apple relaxes the technological standards for the burn-in, consumers’ perception of Apple may deteriorate, and if not, it will have to change its supply chain and delay the launch of the new product.”

ipad mini 2 ipad air

Delays to the iPad mini 2 may not be quite as painful a blow to Apple it was initially thought, after a uSwitch Tech poll revealed its more expensive running mate, the iPad air, was twice as in-demand.

Before the iPad air was unveiled, the consensus was the addition of a Retina Display, which was known to top most iFans' wishlist, would make the iPad mini 2 Apple’s key product in the run-up to Christmas.


ET News

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