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  5. iPhone 6 could be $100 more expensive, say analysts

iPhone 6 could be $100 more expensive, say analysts

iPhone 6 could be $100 more expensive, say analysts

Apple will break with form and hike the price of the next edition of the iPhone, industry-watchers claim, in what would seem to be a killing blow to rumours that the phone-maker plans to enter the budget handset market.

A speculation of analysts (we don’t know the official collective noun for analysts so that’ll have to do) told AllThingsD that the iPhone 6 could be as much as $100 Aus more expensive than the current iteration. That’s about £65 in proper money.

iphone 6 concept ink

The cause of the price rise? Well, that’d be to cover the cost of a beefier processor and a phablet-style monster display, which could be made of margin-eroding sapphire to make it extra robust. All of these additions are under consideration by Apple, tech-press chatter indicates.

Susquehanna analyst Chris Caso stated: “We think Apple could get away with a $50 to $100 premium for a larger screen size iPhone 6.

“We think such a move could avoid the margin erosion that occurred when the iPhone 5 was launched.”

Until now, Apple has kept the price of new iPhones static, presumably absorbing the extra cost of new components through the high margins that the handsets offer. And making up any shortfall through app sales, of course.

The news comes amid speculation that the next iPhone could be the one that finally sees Apple break with the recent cycle of iterative updates and deliver what many consider a much-needed major overhaul.

Apple store spiral staircase

Other rumours doing the rounds include talk of a curved screen that's not a million miles from Samsung’s Galaxy Round.

Talk of a sapphire screen got a fillip earlier this month when Apple inked a supply deal with GT Advanced Technologies.



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