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Nokia Lumia 525 officially unveiled

Nokia Lumia 525 officially unveiled

Nokia has officially outed the Lumia 525, a new budget blower that represents an upgrade to its best-selling Windows Phone, the Lumia 520.

Unveiled on the quiet, the new device rocks many of the same specs as the Lumia 520: a dual-core Qualcomm chip, a five megapixel camera (minus flash), swappable plastic covers in orange, white and yellow and a 4-inch display.

The key difference is the jump in RAM, up to 1GB from 500MB on the Lumia 520. Nokia says that’ll ensure that more apps can be run simultaneously and give the device an edge over rival budget efforts.

There is some bad news though: Nokia is aiming this phone at emerging markets, so unless you’re phone shopping in China, India or Latin America, you won’t be able to lay your mitts on one. Punters in those territories will only have to pay around £110 for the handset.



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