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  5. Samsung Galaxy Round limps to 10,000 sales

Samsung Galaxy Round limps to 10,000 sales

Samsung Galaxy Round limps to 10,000 sales

Samsung’s Galaxy Round’s curved screen has left smartphone-fanciers cold, with sales after a month of availability standing at just one-fiftieth of the phone-maker’s bona-fide big hitters.

According to insiders cited by Daum, the Galaxy Round, which is being sold principally on the novelty of its curved display and is solely available in Samsung’s domestic market of South Korea, has sold just 10,000 units since it landed 40 days ago.

samsung galaxy round official

To put that in some kind of context, the Galaxy Note 3 raced to 500,000 sales in the same timeframe. Even the comparatively undersung and underpromoted Vega Note sold 200,000 over 40 days.

Of course, the fact that Samsung opted to grant the Round a release in a single market won’t have helped and will necessariy make its performance look pretty small fry against rival phones that got a worldwide launch.

Sales also reportedly being hampered by the paucity of display units in stores for customers to look at.

That’s something that Samsung surely wouldn’t allow to happen if they opted to use a curved screen on a future iteration of its dual flagship ranges, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

samsung galaxy gear review 5

News of the Round’s apparently disappointing showing comes amid separate reports that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has also struggled to make an impact and has found its way onto just 50,000 wrists worldwide.

Samsung has since rubbished the claims, announcing that in fact the Gear has racked up a much more impressive 800,000 sales.



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