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  5. Top 5 smartphones and tablets being gossiped about right now

Top 5 smartphones and tablets being gossiped about right now

Top 5 smartphones and tablets being gossiped about right now

We’re slowly working towards that end of year frenzy, when consumers go crazy for new tech and companies finish up releasing new kit and start trying to sell it like crazy.

Apple, Samsung, HTC and Google have all unleashed new kit in recent weeks, desperate to grab the attention of tech fans the world over.

But what about newer stuff? As ever, there are a heap of rumours about new devices doing the rounds.

We’ve picked out five key products that are being talked up across the web. Read on and we’ll give you the lowdown on each.

1 iPhone 6

iphone 6 concept ink

It was inevitable that in the days and weeks after the iPhone 5s’s release, the rumour mill would whir back into action, chatting about next year’s iPhone.

Already, we’ve heard gossip that Cupertino is at least plotting to take the iPhone’s screen up a notch, with the iPhone 6 packing a 5-inch display that’ll put it bang up against rival devices from the likes of Samsung, Google and Sony.

All Things D has also claimed that Apple has inked a deal with GT Advanced Technologies, which will supply it with sapphire strengthened displays, bringing an end to those nasty cracked screens that seemingly all iPhone owners suffer from.

2 Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 mock-up

Samsung’s much-vaunted S5 has been the subject of boundless tittle-tattle in recent weeks.

Word is that Sammy is plotting a retina-scanning feature to improve security, giving it a different take on Apple’s Touch ID.

There’s also talk of a metal chassis (at last), as well as a faux leather rear design.

The camera is said to be making the jump to 16 megapixels, although whether it’ll have an improved lens and niftier editing features, a la the Google Nexus 5, remains to be seen.

3 HTC M8

HTC M8 leak

A new phone on the block, HTC’s M8 is set to replace the critically lauded but commercially disastrous One early in 2014.

Chances are it’ll make its debut at or around February’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

Leaked pics suggest it’ll have a similar metal design to the HTC One, but will also come with a fingerprint scanner round the back.

HTC has already trialed this tech in its 6-inch HTC One Max, so that’s no surprise. Android KitKat and a beefed up camera should complete the picture.

4 iPad 12-inch

ipad mini 2 ipad air

Apple might have just refreshed its iPad line up. But already attention is turning to its next move.

Once again, a larger, 12-inch iPad is being discussed, with a new report emerging from Apple’s supply chain suggesting it’s testing two versions of the device, one using an 11-inch display, the other a 12.9-inch one.

It’s been dubbed the iPad Pro by some, which makes some sense with the iPad Air now doing the rounds.

A larger screen would be great for apps like Photoshop and even Final Cut and word is Apple needs to boost iPad production with sales relatively flat.

5 Google Nexus 8

google nexus 8

Google’s tablet roster could be due a new addition, after a device sporting an 8-inch screen was spotted in promotional material on the official Android website.

While little is known about the tablet, a slightly larger screen would give Google the opportunity to duke it out with Apple’s recently updated iPad mini with Retina Display, while still having its recently released Nexus 7 as a budget option.

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