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  5. Two iPhones incoming every year from now, claims analyst

Two iPhones incoming every year from now, claims analyst

Two iPhones incoming every year from now, claims analyst

Apple will stick to its recently adopted policy of launching two iPhones per year, reports suggest, despite underwhelming demand for its first-ever mid-range handset.

In September, Apple, which has until now released a single new phone annually, broke with past form to release two new iPhones simultaneously. Alongside the top-end iPhone 5S came the lower-specc’d iPhone 5C that swapped aluminium and glass for a cheaper plastic construction.

iphone 5s5c family

Pegged as the ‘budget iPhone’ ahead of launch, the iPhone 5C was expected to be the handset that took Apple smartphones to a new market of cost-conscious consumers.

However, its unexpectedly high price point appears to have severely hampered its prospects at the cash registers, amid reports that Apple has downgraded orders from supply-chain partners.

However, that doesn’t appear to have dented the tech giant’s confidence that its policy of multiple smartphone releases in a single year is the right one. Not if influential Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty can be believed, anyway.

In a note to investors, Huberty, who based her projections on a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer, forecasts that we can expect "multiple [iPhone] refreshes per year" from hereon in.

What isn’t clear is whether this means we can expect iterative variants of the top-end iPhone aimed at different markets a la Samsung’s variations on its Galaxy S handsets.

It could be that Huberty’s talk of "multiple refreshes" refers instead to new, cheaper iPhones continuing to appear alongside new high-end, costlier kits.

iphone 6 concept ink

Morgan Stanley’s number cruncher apparently didn't reveal that she expects from forthcoming iPhones when it comes to spec sheets.

However, rumours indicate it could be home to a larger five-inch screen, possibly fashioned from super-robust sapphire.


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