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HTC One Two: New flagship phone named

HTC One Two: New flagship phone named

HTC’s 2014 flagship phone, codenamed M8, will be called the One Two when it hits shelves. That’s according to a UK judge, who revealed the name in a ruling aiming to settle a patent dispute between the Taiwanese mobile-maker and Nokia.

Justice Richard Arnold said the device will be launched in the UK in February and March. While a HTC spokesperson said they had no knowledge of such plans, the company’s legal team did not deny the plans when they were put to them by Nokia lawyers.

While no details about the HTC One Two were revealed in court, previous rumours have suggested the handset will come with a full HD 5-inch display and have a similar design to this year’s flagship HTC One.

Arnold mentioned the launch date of the new phone in his ruling to back up his judgment that the HTC One should not be banned from sale in the UK.

Nokia has been seeking an injunction on the phone’s sale, claiming it breached a key patent. The HTC One Mini and One Max are, however, being pulled from shelves as part of the same ruling.

If HTC wins the right to an appeal, it will be allowed to continue selling its One variants here in Blighty. But Arnold’s revelations, not to mention his ruling, represent another major blow to a mobile-manufacturer already reeling from a terrible 2013.



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