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Nokia Normandy: Android phone in the works

Nokia Normandy: Android phone in the works

Nokia is working on its own Android phone, with the Finnish company said to be plotting the device’s release in 2014. That’s despite Microsoft’s approved takeover of Espoo’s manufacturing business due to happen early next year.

Word from ‘sources familiar with the company’s plans’ say the phone, codenamed Normandy, will use a ‘forked’ version of Google’s OS. That means Nokia will be able to modify it as it pleases, just like Amazon has done with its Kindle Fire.

The idea is to offer a more complete smartphone package to users in developing markets. While Nokia’s well-received Asha range has done this to an extent, the S40 platform used on those handsets cannot offer full-on smartphone apps. Of course, Google Android can get around this problem easily.

One source told The Verge that Nokia was working ‘full steam ahead’ on the project. Microsoft, however, is unlikely to be keen to ply a smartphone using an OS made by its arch-rival Google.

The only way Nokia could perhaps get around this problem is to release the Normandy before the merger happens. That gives it a short window at the start of the New Year to ready the phone for launch.

Either way, it seems Nokia has finally listened to tech watchers the world over and built the Android phone so many were desperate for it to make.


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