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Tesco Hudl: 300,000 sold

Tesco Hudl: 300,000 sold

Tesco has revealed it has sold a massive 300,000 of its own-branded Hudl tablet, surpassing initial expectations and leading the company to confirm that it’s planning an updated model in 2014.

The budget slate, which costs £119, has been out of stock twice in recent weeks, as financially savvy punters look to get hold of the device ahead of Christmas.

After receiving rave reviews for its impressive battery life, natty design and use of vanilla Google Android, the Hudl sold 35,000 units in the days after its launch earlier this autumn.

Michael Comish, Tesco’s chief digital officer, told The Guardian, that Hudl tablets "are flying off the shelves so quickly.”

His boss, Chief Executive Philip Clarke, said “an enhanced version” was now a certainty. The hope will be that Tesco keeps the cost of any new model down, even if it manages to improve the device’s display and processor prowess.

Analysts believe the Hudl could be the first in a long line of Tesco-branded gadgets, as the company looks to build on disappointing financial results in 2013.

With its mobile network already proving a huge success, what chances a Tesco smartphone in the next 12 months?


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