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  5. Galaxy Note 4: three-sided display mooted by exec

Galaxy Note 4: three-sided display mooted by exec

Galaxy Note 4: three-sided display mooted by exec

Samsung could incorporate a three-sided screen on the next iteration of the Galaxy Note, as it bids to burnish its recently won reputation for innovating in the smartphone market.

Derided by detractors for years as mere Apple copyists, Samsung shrugged off that rep in 2013 by beating Cupertino to the punch with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch and the Galaxy Round curved smartphone.

samsung galaxy note 4 concept

And if this week’s Bloomberg interview with Sammy’s executive Vice President of Mobile Lee Young Hee is anything to go by, it seems like it’s bidding to go one better in 2014 with a radical approach to the Note 4’s display.

According to Lee, Samsung is experimenting with a “three-sided display” that would mean that “messages can be read from an angle”. The feature is purportedly aimed at corporate users, who form a core part of the market for Samsung’s phablet.

He explained: “We are targeting consumers who want more professional use and tend to be willing to pay more for handsets.”

Less revelatory was his disclosure that the Note 4 is arriving in the second half of the year. That doesn’t do much to either substantiate or rubbish chatter that Samsung might bring forward its release, after opting for a September launch for the previous three editions.

Rumours doing the rounds on tech sites suggest that the Note 4’s spec sheet will take in biometric technology, most likely in the form of a fingerprint or retina-scanner, and a hefty octa-core processor to handle the heavy lifting.



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