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  5. iPhone 6 could feature pressure-sensitive screen

iPhone 6 could feature pressure-sensitive screen

iPhone 6 could feature pressure-sensitive screen

Apple is working on technology to register how hard you press your iPhone screen, patents reveal, clearing the way for a host of new gesture controls.

Picked up on by Apple Insider, the filing outlines a system of pressure sensors secreted beneath the screens of future iOS devices. The tech depends on triangulation and relative force detection to be able to determine how hard the display is being pressed at particular points.

According to the patent, a pressure sensitive screen would clear the way for a handset that accepts gestures made from the bezel that surrounds the display. As fans of BlackBerry know, this was something the beleaguered phone-maker implemented with its BB10 operating system.

Handily, it would also mean a screen that’s better able to acknowledge and disregard inadvertent screen presses, so it’ll be harder to accidentally delete an email or fire up an app by mistake.

What the patent doesn’t indicate is when Apple plans to bring the pressure-sensitive screen to market. But given that the iPhone 6 isn’t due for eight months, it’s not out of the question that the touchier-feelier display could make the cut.

Previous leaks suggest the next iPhone’s screen could be the first to feature a robust sapphire coating that purportedly makes it nigh-on impervious to scratches.


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