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  5. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to land at CES, hints official blog

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to land at CES, hints official blog

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to land at CES, hints official blog

Tech-site chatter that a sequel to the Galaxy Gear could land from Samsung at this month’s CES tech expo looks a bit more credible today, after the gadget-maker’s official blog dropped some heavy hints about its plans for the event.

In a heads-up post about CES to the Samsung faithful, the phone-maker initially alludes to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch’s arrival at IFA in Berlin late last year.

It then – none too cryptically, we might add – suggests that given that the “wearable device market is on the rise”, we can perhaps “expect some innovative products” in this class to tip up at the showcase.

It doesn’t take Colombo to discern that what Samsung appears to be alluding to here is a Galaxy Gear 2. That certainly squares with long-standing speculation that the company has take two of its smartwatch ready to go, after the disappointing response afforded the first-gen effort.

Samsung’s blog also posits that we could be in line for more – albeit unspecified - smart home products users that consumers can “control with their smartphones via apps”.

In what’s shaping up to be a busy start to the year for the Korean phone-maker, the next few months is expected to bring us a slimmed-down, cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 3. The smart money is for this to land at Mobile World Congress in February.

But the real beef happens in March when the Galaxy S5 is purportedly dropping. According to rumours, this will usher in some major changes for the Galaxy S range, including a robust metal frame in place of the Galaxy S4’s oft-maligned plastic construction.


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