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Snapchat anti-bot system broken already

Snapchat anti-bot system broken already

Snapchat’s new security system, designed to prevent multiple account sign-ups by bots looking to access phone numbers, has been cracked already.

Coder Steven Hickson wrote a programme in less than an hour that managed to get around the messaging app’s cutesy customer protection. It puts the service’s data protection back in the spotlight after a tough period which saw 4.6 million users’ phone numbers dumped online.

The new verification system shows nine images to would-be Snapchat users when they attempt to sign up for the service.

To prove they are human and not bots, punters have to pick the ones that feature Snapchat’s ghost logo.

Hickson’s software has swerved this by matching sample images from the verification process with a reference pic of the aforementioned ghoul.

This latest issue will doubtless bring further opprobrium to Snapchat’s door and raise more questions as to why it didn’t take Facebook’s multi-billion dollar offer for the service when it had the chance last year.

Snapchat is yet to comment on Hickson’s workaround.



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