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Mobile World Congress 2014: 5 phones to look forward to

Mobile World Congress 2014: 5 phones to look forward to

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 is now just a week away. And there’s been enough rumour and conjecture that we’ve got a good idea about the new handsets to expect when the annual Barcelona bash throws open its doors.

To get you in the mood ahead of the event, we’ve put together a list of the five most exciting phones due to be unveiled in Spain. Want the inside line? Then read on and we’ll tell all.

1 Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy s5 concept 1

The biggie. Samsung has as good as confirmed it’ll be outing its new Galaxy S5 in Barcelona, after sending out invites to its Unpacked 5 event to journalists.

Due to take place on February 24th, the gathering will be a chance for the company to showcase its new handset to a baying public.

Expect a full metal chassis, on–screen fingerprint scanning tech (with an Apple lawsuit not far behind, we’re betting), Android 4.4 and a massive 5.5–inch screen with a beefed up pixels per inch ratio.

In all, this will be the device everyone needs to beat.

2 HTC M8 / HTC One Two

htc one two m8

Could this be HTC’s final throw of the dice?

The Taiwanese company is in dire straits right and is desperate to sell devices after abysmal financial figures.

The M8, known also as the HTC One Two or HTC Two, promises much.

As well as the same all–metal design as the HTC One, it's expected to pack the latest Android software, a 5–inch screen and a special new dual camera round the back.

The latter has caused a big stir in recent weeks, but will need to be sensational if the M8 is going to be any more than a critical success.

3 Nokia X Normandy

Nokia Normandy X

Nokia’s first foray into Android phones comes just weeks before the company is finally taken over by Microsoft. It’s a huge deal.

The phone, which will use a forked version of Google’s OS running Nokia and Microsoft software, will be aimed squarely at emerging markets.

Nokia has lost ground in these territories, while Microsoft’s Windows Phone is simply not affordable enough to sell in large quantities to those on limited incomes.

This is a phone we’ve all been desperate to see for years.

4 LG G Pro 2

lg g pro 2 leak

LG has already revealed the G Pro 2, despite MWC not set to start for days.

This new phone is aimed at taking on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and offers a frankly absurd 5.9–inch screen, backed up with Android 4.4 and the same rear button configuration its much–loved G2 handset.

There’s a special KnockCide security feature for preventing other users play with your handset and even the ability to shoot 4K video.

5 Samsung Tizen smartphone

samsung tizen

Samsung will hopefully give us a glimpse of a proper handset running its Tizen OS.

The platform was trailed last year, with Samsung clearly hoping that it can one day transition to the do–it–all approach which has served Apple so well.

What we don’t know is how devs will react to having to work on yet another new OS, especially when iOS and Android are already so lucrative.

Still, a Tizen phone will definitely be worth watching out for.

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