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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 to come in Mini, Zoom and La Fleur editions, says analyst

Samsung Galaxy S5 to come in Mini, Zoom and La Fleur editions, says analyst

Samsung Galaxy S5 to come in Mini, Zoom and La Fleur editions, says analyst

Expect Samsung to bring a host of subtly different versions of the Galaxy S5 to market in months to come, one of the industry’s best connected analysts warns, as the phone-maker continues its policy of creating a handset for every conceivable niche market.

According to a Tweet from the ever-reliable Mobile Review editor and smartphone-sector savant Eldar Murtazin, Samsung has even more grand plans for the Galaxy S5 than for the Galaxy S4. And that means it will extend its flagship handset's brand further than ever before.

This time around, alongside a more robust, sports-flavoured Active S5, we’re in for a more compact mini version with a smaller screen and most likely a less beefy processor, he reckons.

There’ll also be a La Fleur model with a floral makeover and perky pink shell that’s aimed at women, says Murtazin, whose recent track record with predictions includes getting the now-confirmed S5 launch date correct weeks ahead of the competition.

And completing the set is a Zoom iteration that once again puts imaging smarts front and centre with a telescopic zoom lens that makes it look like a smartphone-digital camera hybrid.

Unfortunately for tech fans, he didn’t share anything concrete with us about the devices’ specs. But he did note that the Galaxy S5 Active “isn’t bad in terms of design” but that the “camera isn’t on a par with the [standard] sgs5”.

Given that the normal edition of the S5 is purportedly equipped with a very lavish 20-megapixel snapper that’d surely grace any top-end phone, it’s perhaps not too surprising that it won’t be present in a cheaper model.

samsung galaxy s5 dickson

Release dates for the reswizzed S5 family are anyone’s guess right now. It’s certainly very unlikely that any of them will show up at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week at the launch event for the common-or-garden Galaxy S5.

However, if last year’s Samsung product cycle is anything to go by, we can probably expect the Zoom to launch about three months or so after MWC.

Rumour mill rumblings suggest the standard S5 will be the first ever Galaxy S phone to feature a premium metal build in place of the plastic construction of earlier models.

The next-gen flagship effort is also set to pack a slightly larger screen and a Touch ID-style fingerprint scanner buried in the homescreen to boost its security credentials.




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