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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5: renders suggest metal build but minimal redesign

Samsung Galaxy S5: renders suggest metal build but minimal redesign

Samsung Galaxy S5: renders suggest metal build but minimal redesign

What could be leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S5 have set tech-world tongues wagging today, ahead of the phone’s official launch later this month.

Sourced by blogger Sonny Dickson, who you’ll probably know from his work unearthing unreleased Apple kit, the snaps purportedly show a render of the forthcoming flagship phone.

Tell-tale signs that this is an internal document are the use of different colours by designers to delineate different materials. In this case light blue for glass, darker blue for plastic and silver for...well, we’ll come to that later.

Assuming the render is the real thing, it would likely have been created internally to allow networks and movers and shakers to see what the Galaxy S5 will look like before it’s ready to be manufactured.

In news to disappoint anyone holding out for the radically redesigned Galaxy S phone that’s been rumoured, the snaps show a handset that differs only minimally from the Galaxy S4. Cosmetically, anyway.

In fact, the sole discernable differences are that the dimensions listed suggest it will be slightly larger this time around and that there’s a larger flash module.

However, arguably the real point of interest here is the silver colourway that the designer has employed for the render.

Given that the darker blue shade used for the screen bezel must be plastic, it stands to reason that the portion in silver – the backplate - is fashioned from another material.

Combine that with the fact that the designer has attempted to give the backplate a convincing metallic sheen and this could be the first visual evidence that Samsung will make good on all the speculation doing the rounds and opt for a premium build for the S5.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough. Samsung will lift the lid on the S5 at Mobile World Congress on February 24th.

The phone’s feature set is also expected to take in biometric technology a la Touch ID and a 16-megapixel camera.


Sonny Dickson

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