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iOS 7.1 gets official release

iOS 7.1 gets official release

Apple has officially released iOS 7.1, the most comprehensive upgrade to its refreshed operating system yet.

The updated platform is rolling out now to iPhones and iPads. It includes a slew of minor tweaks and bug fixes, as well as CarPlay, Apple’s new iOS control system designed to work with new motors from the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo.

Siri has also been given a handy update, allowing users to manually control when the voice assistant is listening to commands. Siri’s male and female UK English voices are also now ‘more natural sounding’.

Some interface changes will also be noticeable. The calendar and phone apps have been given some minor visual changes following user feedback.

Apple says that the iPhone 5S’s camera will now default to HDR mode, while the iPhone 4 should hopefully see improved performance.

That’s good news for those who have the ageing device, but have found it impossible to use since upgrading to iOS 7.

Be sure to download and install iOS 7.1 over WiFi. It comes in at a colossal 1.4GB for iPhone and 1.5GB for iPad.

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