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MWC 2014: Five key winners

MWC 2014: Five key winners

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 might be over. But as the dust settles, it’s easier to get a clearer picture of who left Barcelona in better shape than when they arrived.

Or, in some cases, those who didn’t even attend but still emerged as big winners from the world’s largest mobile show.

From Samsung and its slew of new kit to Google and its Nokia blessing, we’ve picked five key winners from last week. Read on and see if you agree.

1 Samsung

samsung galaxy s5 hands

The new Galaxy S5 looks set to dominate the smartphone world in the first half of 2013.

Rival efforts may look good (Sony’s new phones especially) and HTC may have something to say come March 25th, but the fact is Sammy remains the dominant force in the Android world.

Chuck in the release of a trip of new smartwatches and plans for its own Tizen OS moving apace and it’s hard to think of another company in such rude health in Barcelona last week.

2 Google

Google Chrome logo large

The Big G’s presence is always minimal at MWC, letting manufacturers take the plaudits while it sits in the background.

But the fact is some of the show’s most talked about devices used Android: albeit a tweaked version.

Nokia’s X Series is a huge result for Google, even if its Play services are absent on the devices.

These phones prove that Android is the pre–eminent option for all mobile-makers bar Apple. Even ones soon–to–be–owned by Microsoft.

3 Nokia

nokia xl mwc

Meanwhile, Nokia itself came out of the show smelling of roses.

After years of denying rumours, it finally admitted that Android was a viable option, albeit in a form that looks distinctly like Windows Phone.

The Finnish phone-maker showed it was capable of eating humble pie and serving up budget phones that should give key competitors plenty to think about when they go on sale later this spring.

The X, X+ and XL are all huge propositions, more so than any Lumia device.

4 Sony

sony xperia z2 smartphone official

Quietly, Sony is establishing itself as one of mobile’s key players. Its new Z2 (check our hands-on video shows that it’s committed to unleashing superb phones at six-month intervals.

Yes, it has the same 20.7-megapixel camera as its Z1 predecessor.

But it includes 4K video smarts and improved software that show how fate the company has come from the days of is disastrous smartphones made with Ericsson.

Alone, Sony is making waves for all the right reasons.

5 Apple

Apple logo with man talking on iPhone

Apple wasn’t in attendance, but it still snared an MWC award for its iPad Air. And not just that, its iPhone cast a huge shadow over proceedings.

It might not outsell Samsung’s phones, but its influence, on things like the S5’s fingerprint scanner and health apps, is undeniable.

Chuck in the show-wide smartwatch frenzy, inconceivable without rumours of an iWatch, and it’s impossible to suggest Apple didn’t enjoy an impressive week in the Spanish sun.

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