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  5. Apple and Samsung’s latest case shows how high smartphone stakes are

Apple and Samsung’s latest case shows how high smartphone stakes are

Apple and Samsung’s latest case shows how high smartphone stakes are

Apple and Samsung have been slugging it out in courtrooms across the globe for years now.

But even those who’ve followed each case unfold couldn’t help but be struck by how much Apple is now demanding in damages for the breach of five patents.

Cupertino wants $2 billion and has 25 hours in front of a judge and jury in California to argue its case.

The demands, revealed as the process of selecting a jury gets underway, is merely proof of how high stakes the smartphone world has become.

That headline figure breaks down to a royalty payment of $40 per every phone which Apple says uses its software illegally.

slide to unlock iphone

Patents allegedly breached include the slide–to–unlock feature, auto–complete, hyperlinking, universal search via Siri and background data syncing.

Samsung isn’t going to go down without a fight.

It says that all bar slide–to–unlock are Android features and as such is set to call on Google execs, including the OS’s creator Andy Rubin, to defend its position.

If Apple wins out and snares the amount it’s after, it’ll top of the $900 million it was awarded in relation to older devices back in 2012.

This case takes in newer devices including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, as well as the iPad Mini and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

The chances of it getting that amount are slim according to legal sources.

iPhone 4S black slanted

But the fact it is asking for so much suggests it knows what its intellectual property is worth and knows that Samsung’s huge market lead means it can afford to ask for such a huge sum.

This is not the actions of a company being reckless, more one that is so confident in its position that it can demand the earth.

For the winner, this isn’t just a case of the moral high ground.

samsung galaxy s5 hands

It probably won’t affect sales of Samsung phones if the Korean company loses and vice versa with Apple.

But it does show that despite talk of a truce, Apple is refusing to back down and believes its innovations are the ones that changed the smartphone space forever.

This is about asserting its power and its knowledge base.

The question is, if Samsung loses, can it continue to battle on and make itself look belligerent in the face of such scrutiny?

Surely if Apple comes out victorious, it’s time to sit down and settle the loose ends once and for all.

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