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  5. Google Nexus 6 ‘to pack fingerprint scanner’

Google Nexus 6 ‘to pack fingerprint scanner’

Google Nexus 6 ‘to pack fingerprint scanner’

Google Nexus smartphones are set to join the biometric security set, rumours suggest, as fingerprint scanners increasingly become a standard feature in flagship efforts.

Android Geeks reports that the Nexus 6 will feature a fingerprint scanner a la Apple’s Touch ID and the me-too scanners that cropped up on the HTC One M8 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

The site, which owes its news nugget to a “trusted insider”, also claims that the phone will feature a 5.2-inch QHD display, making it the largest Nexus smartphone so far.

Interestingly, LG is mooted to have once again been enlisted to manufacture the handset on Google’s behalf, with the LG G3 forming the template for Google's next-gen contender.

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That’s despite rumours that the South Korean phone-maker and the search giant fell out over the supply shortages that blighted the Nexus 5’s launch.

News of Google’s plans come amid seemingly conflicting news that it will abandon its policy of working a single manufacturer and bringing one Google Nexus-branded phone to market annually.

Instead, Google will purportedly instead embark on a programme dubbed Android Silver that will see the release of existing phones in stripped-down, vanilla Android versions.


Android Geeks

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