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iOS 7 hits 87% mark

iOS 7 hits 87% mark

iOS 7, the latest version of Apple's software, is now used by 87% of iPhone and iPad owners, official data from the gadget-maker confirms.

The figures, taken from App Store usage over the first week of April, demonstrate the lead Apple has over Google when it comes to adoption of the freshest edition of its operating system.

Stats released last week showed that Android KitKat, released last October, is on just 5.3% of Google phones.

That represents a doubling in the past month, but still shows that Apple’s unified strategy ensures users are able to access newer software faster.

The numbers come as Apple begins to gear up for its annual WWDC event.

Due to run from June 2nd to June 6th, the event will showcase iOS 8. The next update to Apple’s mobile OS is expected to come with a new Healthbook app and much–needed improvements to its Maps offering.

11.6% of users are still stuck on iOS 6, showing there remains a stubborn core who are either unwilling or unable to upgrade their devices.



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