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iWatch already in production, sources claim

iWatch already in production, sources claim

The much-rumoured iWatch could already be in production and may be with us as soon as September, it seems. Or at least that's what supply chain sources have told China Times.

According to the site's insiders, Apple expects to ship about 2.5-3 million iWatches in the second quarter of this year. That should jump to 15 million by the end of the third quarter.

Apple is expecting to sell more than 20 million units of the device this year, it's claimed.

The iWatch is also said to take advantage of a manufacturing process called System-in-Package (SiP). This is like a System-On-Chip processor, but for the whole device – i.e. all the components are cobbled together as one, saving space inside and meaning the device can be smaller.

The downside? If one component breaks, the whole lot will go kaput.

Recently, an Apple patent was uncovered that looked suspiciously like a timepiece. It didn't confirm any specifics, but mentioned that the device could have a curved screen and a camera.

Nike is said to be handling the software side of things for the iWatch, or iBand, as it may be known.

The sports company recently sacked most of the team responsible for its FuelBand and canned all future products, but said the Nike Fuel software would continue to be supported on other platforms.

Nike's CEO also confirmed that the company's partnership with Apple would continue.


China Times via SlashGear

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