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Windows Phone 8.1 video hands on

Windows Phone 8.1 video hands on

The new version of Windows Phone might not be a huge overhaul a la iOS 7. But it’s still brought some smart new features to Microsoft’s platform.

First up is the Control Centre-style Action Centre function that gives you one-swipe access to key features of your handset. Then there's the extra scope it offers to customise your live tiles. And there's even a smart Swype-style keyboard too.

But while those features might get more use in the long run, it’s the Siri-rivalling voice commands app dubbed Cortana that seems to be garnering the most press attention. Not least because the Big M seems convinced that a voice-activated personal assistant could be a Halo-style saviour for its struggling smartphone OS.

Check out the video for our take on Windows Phone 8.1 and then tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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