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  5. Apple vs Samsung: Has the battle finally run its course?

Apple vs Samsung: Has the battle finally run its course?

Apple vs Samsung: Has the battle finally run its course?

By now, surely the only people relishing the tussle between Apple and Samsung are the lawyers collecting their fees after each court case.

After years of litigation, the latest battle in the all out tech war has been won by Cupertino.

Tim Cook and co secured $120 million damages from Samsung, Sammy picking up $158,000 in return, the amounts awarded by a California jury.

Both figures represent far less than what either side had hoped for.

Hence plenty of talk about appeals and demands for more money from the judge in charge of the case.

While the foreman of the jury said the awards were not ‘fair and just compensation’, it’s hard to shake the feeling that there’s a growing weariness among everyone involved that both companies need to sit down and get this fixed outside the courtroom.

iphone 5s v samsung galaxy s5

As has been shown in this and the last US trials, Samsung clearly infringed Apple’s patents deliberately.

Apple also inadvertently breached a Samsung patent pertaining to image folders.

But there’s a pattern emerging. For all its bluster, Apple has a point. Its intellectual property has been violated.

Surely, it’s time for both sides to recognise these issues and thrash out a deal. If it pertains to phones no longer available, compensation will do.

If not, then a licensing fee will need to be agreed. Whatever it is, this fight has gone on long enough.

The foreman, Thomas Dunham, told local media in the US that it was time for the two parties to ‘settle’.

court building generic

He even claimed that consumers were the losers in this endless fight.

That may not be the case, as innovation has hardly stopped at either company since this battle became the biggest news in tech.

But it does suggest that both are more interested in proving who’s best in the courtroom. Apple needs to let go of the Steve Jobs ‘holy war’ rhetoric and accept Android as a mainstream reality.

It’s not as if its iPhone and iOS products are doing badly. Its share price is up and sales remain buoyant.

Steve Jobs

However it’s done, the time has surely come for Samsung and Apple to get this fixed so we can all move on.

That’s not to say that both sides should walk away. Just that the time for intransigence and boardroom level bickering needs to stop.

It’s unedifying and does the industry as a whole no favours.

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