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  5. iOS 8 might be missing Healthbook and other key features

iOS 8 might be missing Healthbook and other key features

iOS 8 might be missing Healthbook and other key features

The rumoured advanced health-monitoring smarts of iOS 8 are in jeopardy, it seems, amid signs that the handset-maker doesn’t have the manpower to commit to it at a time when it is massively overhauling OS X.

For months now, speculation has been mounting that the next iPhone’s big sell will be the ‘quantified self’ Healthbook app.

In what looks to be a huge step for wellbeing applications, this is purported to be capable of measuring everything from blood-sugar levels to users’ heart rates.

But in news to disappoint fitness enthusiasts it seems that the app, along with some other key features, could be sacrificed by Apple due to manpower shortages. In the short term, anyway.

According to sources cited by 9to5Mac, the gadget-purveyor simply doesn’t enough developers to comprehensively revamp the IOS X platform that powers Macs while also adding game-changers such as Healthbook to iOS 8.

healthbook mock up ios 8

That means that Healthbook may not be ready for iOS 8’s BIG REVEAL at the WWDC conference, where new versions of the operating system typically take a bow.

It’s not clear what else might not make the cut. But mooted major changes coming our way include a new version of Apple Maps, as well as fresh takes on TextEdit and Preview, a revamped iTunes Radio app and improvements to Siri. So take your pick from any of those.

Of course, whatever doesn’t tip up in June will most likely show its face when iOS 8.1 arrives. We think that’s most likely to coincide with the arrival of the iPhone 6 in September.



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