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  5. iPhone 6: 4.7” edition 'to feature Innolux screens'

iPhone 6: 4.7” edition 'to feature Innolux screens'

iPhone 6: 4.7” edition 'to feature Innolux screens'

The much rumoured 4.7-inch edition of the iPhone 6 will feature displays manufactured by supply-chain newcomers Innolux, it appears, as Apple bids to cut the umbilical cord with its rival Samsung.

Insiders quoted by Taiwanese daily UDN claim that Innolux will be brought into the fold partly because displays manufactured by Sharp, which also tendered for the contract, failed to cut the mustard.

However, the move is principally intended to reduce Apple’s reliance on Samsung, with which it is engaged in an increasingly acrimonious battle for smartphone marketshare.

The move marks the latest point of contention between the two former allies, which have been engaged in a tit-for-tat, internicine courtroom fight for years now.

It’s not known if Innolux will also be involved with the 5.5-inch iPhone that’s also supposed to drop this year and would be the first-ever iPhablet, after former head Steve Jobs swore against larger smartphones way back when.

Recent market intelligence indicates that the 4.7-inch model will arrive in September, while its larger buddy will tip up a few months later.

The gap between release dates is purportedly down to manufacturing challenges arising from reproducing the Retina Display's pin-sharpness in a more expansive screen.


Apple Insider

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