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  5. Motorola ruling out network exclusivity deal for Moto Maker in UK?

Motorola ruling out network exclusivity deal for Moto Maker in UK?

Motorola ruling out network exclusivity deal for Moto Maker in UK?

Motorola’s attention-grabbing smartphone customisation service will be available across a range of UK networks from the day of launch, the handset-manufacturer has hinted, after debuting the service solely on AT&T in the US.

Perhaps best described as the smartphone version of Nike’s NikeiD service for trainers, Moto Maker is an online customisation tool that lets consumers choose the look and storage size of their handset.

It also offers rather fetching wooden/bamboo back panels for fans of more organic phone-design, as well as engraving and the option to add matching accessories.

The service is expected to launch later this year in the UK. However, in a departure from the approach it took in the US, Motorola intends to offer Moto Maker on the full gamut of carriers in Blighty from the get-go.

Mark Randall, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations at the phone-manufacturer, said: “We originally did Moto Maker in the US with one carrier, tht was with AT&T as an exclusive. Then we brought the other guys in later on. In hindsight we reflected that that was a mistake.

“So, more generally we would like to do things more broadly going forward.”

Motorola pledges a four-day wait between completion of your customised handset design through its Moto Maker site and delivery in the US.

moto maker colours

A due date for Moto Maker’s UK rollout hasn’t been forthcoming. However, back in February at Mobile World Congress, the company mooted a second-quarter launch, which means it ought to be with us in the next six weeks or so at the latest.

Randall disclosed Motorola’s grand plan for Moto Maker at the official unveiling of the Moto E budget smartphone, which offers Android KitKat for the none-too-onerous sum of £89.

The handset was accompanied by a fresh, 4G version of its Moto G. The 3G model has just been confirmed as Moto’s biggest-selling smartphone ever.

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