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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: Five things you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: Five things you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: Five things you need to know

Samsung has never been content to release one or two fancy phones a year and watch them fly off the shelves. Not for them, the Apple approach.

Rather, the Korean giant is all about piling ‘em high, releasing as many versions of one phone as possible until even the most diehard phone fan loses track.

Still, it’s not like they’re all naff devices. Take the forthcoming Galaxy S5 Mini, for example.

This much–leaked blower promises to be a natty addition to Sammy’s roster and it’s coming soon.

Want the inside line on Samsung’s latest? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

1 It’s not really that Mini

samsung galaxy s5 cat

Usually, adding the term ‘mini’ means a device is going to be significantly smaller than its bigger brother.

Not so the Galaxy S5 Mini. Recent inventory leaks show the phone comes with a 4.47–inch screen.

Last time we checked, that’s still a sizeable device and one that can’t be used too easily with one hand.

Still, with punters lapping up larger phones, it’s likely this won’t stop this (slightly) smaller phone selling well.

2 Its specs aren’t too shabby

samsung galaxy s5 hands on 1

Mini doesn’t just refer to size. The specs tend to be stripped down. This is the case here, although a 720p resolution display will still serve up decent enough video on the go.

There’s said to be 1.5GB of RAM, which should be more than enough for average users, while 16GB of storage isn’t exactly stingy.

Chuck in a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and you’ve got a phone packing plenty of top end tech.

3 And it’s a tough nut

samsung galaxy s5 waterproof

Just like the well reviewed standard Galaxy S5, the S5 Mini will be rock solid. It has IP67 certification, which means it’s both waterproof and dustproof as well as capable of withstanding hefty drops.

That’s great for outdoorsy types, as well as those prone to slinging their phone on the floor of the pub after one too many jars.

4 Colours galore

samsung galaxy s5 colour range

Sammy is aiming the Galaxy S5 Mini at younger punters. Hence it’s readying a slew of colours to try and entice smartphone first-timers.

A leaked screen grab from its website shows the phone rocking blue, orange, white, silver and yellow colour schemes.

Sadly, it looks like they’re as plastic as the body of the Galaxy S5.

5 There’s no official release date yet

calendar 2014

Despite all the chatter, Samsung hasn’t revealed when the Galaxy S5 Mini will be released.

But with HTC readying a mini version of its One M8 and Apple lining up new iPhones, expect this handset to have a midsummer release.

Samsung will want to secure as many new punters as possible before its rivals return with new kit.

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