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Apple iWatch: Five new things we’ve learned

Apple iWatch: Five new things we’ve learned

The iWatch is back in the headlines this week.

Apple’s smart timepiece has taken a back seat in recent weeks what with WWDC and the official launch of iOS 8.

But now we’re starting to get more concrete word about what we can expect from Cupertino’s most anticipated product of the year (yes, including the much rumoured iPhone 6 in both its variants).

A new leak has unveiled a slew of exciting details to put flesh on the bones of existing speculation and, more importantly, has birthed some fresh rumours too.

Read on and we’ll tell you five new things we now know about the iWatch.

1 The screen is bigger than we thought

iwatch mock up huge

A Reuters report, citing inside sources, says that Apple is going to use a 2.5–inch screen on the iWatch.

That flies in the face of other recent chatter, which suggested Apple is readying two smaller models: One with a 1.3–inch screen, another with a larger 1.6–inch effort.

To put this new tittle-tattle into perspective, the current iPod nano has a 2.5–inch display, albeit rectangular.

Maybe Apple is going for a curved screen to ensure this more capacious effort fits better on the wrist.

2 It’s going into mass production next month

calendar 2014

The same insider says that Quanta Computer in Taiwan is about to start mass production of the iWatch.

A July start date has been mooted for some time, but this report seems a lot more certain than previous rumours.

LG is said to be the exclusive screen supplier for Apple’s initial batch of iWatches.

3 And will launch in September with the iPhone 6

iphone 6 comparison video

With a July production start date, word is that Apple is going to unleash the iWatch as soon as September.

That’s telling, as it could mean it’ll release the iPhone 6 at the same time.

After all, the iWatch is said to need to play nice with an iPhone at all times. Why launch one without the other?

4 Health tracking is still key

Looks a lot like Passbook. But for health.

The iWatch is now said to come with a heart rate monitor built in.

That will shock precisely no one seeing as Apple only just revealed its new Health app and HealthKit developer tools at WWDC.

The iWatch is surely going to be the most amped-up health-tracking device ever and a heart rate monitor will only be the start.

Other fitness tools, such as measuring distance, pace and different kinds of exercise, are all likely to feature.

5 Wireless charging is go

iwatch flexible screen

There’s been plenty of talk about the iWatch using wireless charging.

This new Reuters report backs that up and shows that Apple is serious about ditching the wires.

Details remain sketchy, but Bluetooth LE seems like the most likely way of getting juice onto the iWatch.

If it pulls power from the iPhone though, you can be losing battery on your blower even faster.

Here’s hoping Apple has a fix for that particular problem before launch.

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