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  5. Apple prepping Lightning headphone support

Apple prepping Lightning headphone support

Apple prepping Lightning headphone support

Apple is looking to capitalise on the acquisition of Beats Audio by introducing a new Made For iPhone (MFi) spec that will let headphones connect to iPhones and iPads via the device’s Lightning port.

Headphones that use Lightning instead of the traditional 3.5mm jack will be able to serve up better quality audio. Cans and buds will be able receive lossless stereo at 48KHz, giving Apple devices an edge in the highly competitive personal audio space.

There are two versions being primed. One is a standard edition for basic listening and taking calls, while another advanced option could include a digital signal processor and active noise cancellation.

What’s more, headphones that use the cable could even pull down power from an iPhone, allowing features that require added juice, such as noise cancelling, to keep on kicking as long as the handset is charged.

Rumours also suggest that there could be a dedicated app for boosting audio performance and even buttons in-line to access streaming services.

It’s likely Apple’s Beats tie up will see it become the first company to serve up Lightning headphones. Previous chatter has suggested Apple is also readying a set of its own EarPods using Lightning to deliver audio.



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