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  5. iPhone 6: new photos crop up on eBay

iPhone 6: new photos crop up on eBay

iPhone 6: new photos crop up on eBay

Yet more photos of the iPhone 6 have been espied online, as the patched-up Apple product pipeline continues to spring fresh leaks daily.

The photos, which surfaced on eBay alongside a listing for the as-yet-unannounced handset, are notably much higher resolution than you’d expect. Which makes a change from the blurrycam shots that tech-site readers are presented with in most leak-based news items.

iphone 6 ebay leak

Alas, all that really means is that we get a better look at much of what we already presume to know about the handset from previous leaked images.

Present and correct then are the curved edges that hint at Apple smartphones past, chiefly the iPhone 3GS. Since the iPhone 4 back in 2010, the tech giant has favoured a more squared-off, boxier design for its smartphones.

You’ll also notice that the power button has moved to the side, having previously taken up residency at the top right hand corner of every iPhone so far.

And there’s a more rounded flash aperture compared with the tablet-shaped one last time out too.

The photos come after separate stories today suggested that the next iPhone will feature a more durable version of Touch ID in the home button.

iphone 6 ebay leak 2

The technology, evidence of which is also in the photos of the iPhone 6 that debuted on eBay, enables users to unlock their handset with their fingerprint.

Set to land in 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch flavours in September, the iPhone 6’s spec sheet also takes in an A8 processor and camera enhancements. For a more exhaustive look at what else is in store, head for our iPhone 6 rumours round-up.


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