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iPhone sales boom suggests Apple is on for another record breaker

iPhone sales boom suggests Apple is on for another record breaker

The numbers aren’t official yet. But if the predictions of Apple’s April-June quarterly sales are right, it’s set to break more records.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty reckons that the Cupertino company is on course to shift a massive 39 million iPhones in the current three-month period.

Even if that’s on the high side, other estimates are still high. 35 million is the average from other analysts according to reports, still beating last year’s 31.2 million.

That itself was a record, as Apple managed to maintain iPhone sales right up until the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C last autumn.

Official figures are due at the start of July.

LG Android update placeholder

And if they come back anywhere close to what’s being predicted, those claiming Apple is facing its demise in the face of Google’s growing army of Android partners may well have to rethink their stance.

Why? Well, Apple has always seen a slide in iPhone sales as some users hold out for the next generation.

However, with networks now pushing the ageing iPhone 4S on cheap deals, as well as the new iPhone 5C 8GB, expensive alternatives just don’t look so sharp.

Chuck in the fact that both those older phones will run iOS 8, unlike some older Android phones stranded on ancient software, and you can see why the iPhone remains enduringly popular.

These predicted stats also act as a marker for what we can expect come the launch of the iPhone 6.

iphone 6 jimmy lin back

Apple has held out for way too long when it comes to larger phones. And yet, people still want to buy the current, 4–inch (and 3.5–inch) versions despite that fact.

What’s going to happen when the supposed 4.7–inch and 5.5–inch models land?

Consumers won’t care a jot that Apple has followed rivals like Samsung, HTC and LG, where once it led. They’ll most likely go mad and buy them in their droves.

Apple said during its court case with Samsung in March that ‘consumers want what we don’t have’.

Well, that’s all about to change. But clearly millions of consumers still want iPhones right now and are buying them steadily.

Samsung vs Apple in armour

Dismissing Apple and the iPhone is a fool’s game. Of course Android is going nowhere.

It offers a brilliant array of phones at varying prices.

But these new numbers and the potential of the iPhone 6 show that Apple should come out as smartphone number one in 2014.

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