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Microsoft binning Surface brand

Microsoft binning Surface brand

Microsoft has been pushing its Surface tablets hard in recent years, as it looks to claw back market share from Apple’s iPad.

But with the acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business, the Big M now looks as if it’s going to bin the Surface brand altogether.

Chatter emerging from leak maven @evleaks suggests Microsoft is ready to switch to using Nokia’s Lumia name for its forthcoming slates.

This will help the tech giant pull together its hardware products under one name, with plans afoot to call its new phones ‘Nokia by Microsoft’.

The move would mean the end for a product which has found it hard to compete against budget tablets and Apple’s dominance. The recent Surface Pro 3 got a warm critical reception, but its high price is likely to put off many so–called 'post–PC' customers.

There’s no word as yet on when a new Lumia tablet will hit shelves. But with the IFA tech expo around the corner and the run–up to Christmas fast approaching, expect to hear plenty of chatter before the year is out.

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