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Can Apple afford for the iWatch to slip until after Christmas?

Can Apple afford for the iWatch to slip until after Christmas?

Like us, you’re probably getting desperate to see more evidence of Apple’s iWatch.

The most anticipated wearable product of 2014 has been rumoured for well over a year and has been the subject of endless headlines as Apple snaps up staff from watchmakers including TAG Heuer and fitness experts from Nike.

But new gossip suggests all may not be quite right with Cupertino’s timepiece.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo, a man known for getting his Apple predictions bang-on, reckons that mass production of the iWatch now won’t start until November.

That’s far later than the July predictions of other Apple watchers and suggests the company is still in the midst of perfecting the device.

Word is that getting the screen perfect and capable of taking scrapes and spillages without breaking is taking longer than anticipated.

iwatch flexible screen

With new staff still being hired, a later launch date is looking possible.

Some keen Apple fans reckon Tim Cook and co may reveal the device in October and then release it later in the year.

Of course, this has happened before, with the original iPhone and last year’s Mac Pro.

But at that time of year it leaves virtually no margin for error if Apple wants to hit the lucrative Christmas market.

If shipping dates slide by just a few weeks, it could see rivals steal a march and consumers look to Google’s Android Wear platform and other devices for their festive smartwatch fix.

On the other hand, this may not be a problem.

Apple will point to the fact that the iPhone and iPad hit retail outlets in January and that sales of those devices weren’t adversely affected whatsoever.

In a way, it’s gratifying that it wants to get things perfect before launch.

lg g watch always on

As has been seen with the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, releasing devices that are not completely perfected can lead to plenty of complaints.

Android Wear remains a work in progress.

It’s just not Apple’s style to unleash a piece of kit that’s half–baked, even if problems may occur down the line.

It needs the iWatch to be flawless from the off, otherwise it’ll be no better than its growing list of competitors.

Will it be disappointing if Apple doesn’t launch the iWatch in 2014? Yes.

apple iwatch

Could it make it a better device in the long run if it means fewer issues for users? Absolutely.

Apple can afford to let things slide, but wait until well into 2015 and it may find Android Wear and its partners have truly got their act together.

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