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  5. iPhone 6 battery photos tip up, confirm power boost

iPhone 6 battery photos tip up, confirm power boost

iPhone 6 battery photos tip up, confirm power boost

Images of the battery for the iPhone 6 have leaked. And have added heft to reports that Apple is taking action to boost its handset’s longevity for the next-gen model.

Sourced by, the images show a 1810 mAh cell that may be intended for use in the Apple smartphones set to debut in September.

That’s a pretty substantial boost from the 1560mAh battery that powers the iPhone 5S and will be pretty welcome in the light of uSwitch Tech surveys that repeatedly name better battery-life as the feature that smartphone users most want to see.

However, before you get too excited, it's worth remembering that the iPhone 6 variants coming our way pack 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens compared with the current iPhone 5S model’s 4-inch display.

iphone 6 battery leak 2

As a consequence, it’s possible that the 1810mAh battery won’t last any longer than its predecessor due to the demands of powering a larger screen.

What’s likely, though, is that Apple will at least attempt to squeeze the most of the iPhone 6’s cell by incorporating a supplementary processor along the lines of the iPhone 5S’s M7 unit that handles motion capture data, leaving everything else to the A7 chip.

This takes the strain off the iPhone's battery because the M7 requires less processing power to keep it ticking over.

Signs of Apple’s plans for its 2014 handsets follow the appearance of leaked photos of components for the iPhone 6’s Touch ID scanner and previously unseen images of the phone’s housing.


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