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iPhone 6 clones emerge in China

iPhone 6 clones emerge in China

Apple might not be unveiling its iPhone 6 until September. But that hasn’t stopped clone manufacturers using leaked schematics for the handset to produce two new knock–offs of the forthcoming smartphone.

The Wico i6 looks every inch an iPhone, matching dummy models that have been doing the rounds online for weeks. It has the same side–mounted power button seen in leaked parts and even comes with Apple branding.

Its rival in the wannabe stakes is the Goophone i6. This device is due to launch next month, before Apple’s official September event.

Along with 1GB of RAM, it's home to a 13- megapixel camera, quad-core processor and 960 x 540, 4.7–inch display. Hardly groundbreaking, but still not too shabby.

Keep an eye out for more iPhone 6 clones as the weeks pass before Apple’s big reveal.

And expect Cupertino to try and come down hard on any manufacturers stealing its looks and ideas.



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