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  5. iPhone 6: fresh photo could show fully assembled handset

iPhone 6: fresh photo could show fully assembled handset

iPhone 6: fresh photo could show fully assembled handset

What’s claimed to be the first-ever photo of a fully assembled iPhone 6 is doing the rounds online today, in what could mark the start of the next phase of the countdown to the handset’s release.

Picked up by an anonymous source who passed it to KitGuru, the photo shows what the site claims is the finished, market-ready iPhone 6 and not one of the many dummy units or mock-ups that have been filling column inches on tech sites for months.

iphone 6 kitguru

If it is the real deal (and this is by no means crystal clear), the photo confirms pretty much everything we think we know about the iPhone 6.

Not only does it feature the much-rumoured curved edges, it also appears to feature slightly redesigned volume buttons and a relocated on-off button. It certainly doesn’t appear to be in its usual spot at the top right corner, anyway.

However, the big question is how much store we can set in the leak.

On the plus side, KitGuru leaked an iPhone 5 snap last year, also purporting to show the street-ready handset, that was subsequently proved to be spot-on.

Less encouraging, though, is that the finish in the iPhone in the photo looks a bit under-par. And certainly up the stringent standards Apple maintains when it comes to quality testing.

It may also be telling that the site seems disinclined to share much other corroborating information about the handset. But that might just be part of a plan to drip-feed readers with information, the better to make the most of its leak.

The bad news is that there’s still a fair while to wait until we find out for sure. The iPhone 6 in its 4.7-inch incarnation isn’t due until September, while the 5.5-inch model could even be delayed until next year.

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