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  5. iPhone 6 screen crops up on video, shows one-handed use

iPhone 6 screen crops up on video, shows one-handed use

iPhone 6 screen crops up on video, shows one-handed use

The display for the 4.7-inch edition of the iPhone 6 has shown its face on video for the first time, giving us our closest look so far of the next-gen kit’s screen.

Chinese site iFanr’s clip lovingly shows off the component from every conceivable angle, confirming tech-site talk that this time around the display is curvier and features a relocated front-facing camera.

But the really interesting thing is that the video gives us a sense of how much of the larger screen can be reached using a single hand. Of course, that's something that'll be of paramount importance to the user experience-fixated sorts at Apple.

We’re only estimating of course, but it looks like 85%-plus of the display’s surface area is reachable when the handset is being held upright.

That’s not a bad return given that the handset has expanded by close to 25% from the existing iPhone.

iphone 6 screen ifanr

What’s more, given consumers’ mania for much larger Android handsets, we can’t see one-handed access being a deal-breaker for many people. Even on the 5.5-inch model of the iPhone 6 that’s due to drop alongside the 4.7-inch edition, which logic dictates will be even less optimised for one-hand use.

We'll find out soon enough, though. Both phones are set to tip up in September, with reports naming potential due dates as the 19th (very likely) and the 15th (not nearly so likely).

Other putative spec-sheet additions include a hardier version of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint security, better cameras and a more rounded design to match the screen in the video.


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