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iPhone 6 Touch ID part snapped

iPhone 6 Touch ID part snapped

An image purporting to show the Touch ID button for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6 has appeared online. It marks the latest in a string of new iPhone component leaks, as the handset edges closer to release.

The part, which comes to us from China via leak dons, appears to look very similar to the unit found in the iPhone 5S, against which it’s pictured here.

iphone 6 touch id part

Screw holes have apparently been moved so the new unit fits snugly with the metal chassis of the device.

Word is that Apple is priming Touch ID units for its next generation iPad models as well as the iPhone 6.

High production numbers of the part should mean that there won’t be as many shipping constraints with new iOS devices in 2014 as there were last year.

The iPhone 6 is due to land in September, with a smaller 4.7–inch model coming alongside a larger 5.5–inch effort.

iphone 6 touch id leak

As well as Touch ID leaks, this week has also seen detailed pics of the handset’s rear housing, snaffled exclusively by us at Uswitch Tech.



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