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Sony Xperia Z3 photo leaks online

Sony Xperia Z3 photo leaks online

Photos of Sony’s next flagship Xperia smartphone have apparently leaked online, as the phone-maker looks to behind it the delays that blighted the launch of its last high-end handset.

The snaps of the Xperia Z3 surfaced on Chinese site Digi-wo and show a smartphone that retains the best elements of the Xperia Z2’s much lauded design.

sony xperia z3 front

Present and correct are the bezel-free edge-to-edge screen and what seems to be a solid aluminium frame around the side that will be familiar to Z2 owners.

The dedicated camera button makes a reappearance too, as do flaps for microSD and microSD storage.

However, the Z3 differs in that the edges are much more rounded than previous Xperia Z smartphones, which featured Sony's trademark sharp-cornered, squared-off look.

With Apple seemingly also set to return to a more curved look for the iPhone 6, we’re calling this a micro trend.

The speaker grille appears to have been relocated too, prompting some tech-watchers to posit that the Z3 might not have stereo speakers.

That’s something we can’t see happening, though, given that the phone-maker heavily touts its phones’ music credentials as an integral part of offering the ‘best of Sony in a smartphone’.

sony xperia z3 back

The Xperia Z3 is expected to land at some stage in the final quarter, in keeping With Sony’s emerging strategy of releasing two flagship smartphones per year.

Details of the phone-maker and entertainment giant’s plans come after the Xperia Z2’s streetdate was delayed for months after its unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in February.

The postponed launch was blamed on problems manufacturing the Z2’s screen.


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