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HTC apps coming to other Android phones

HTC apps coming to other Android phones

HTC has set up a new division focused on developing its apps for rival Android smartphones, as it changes tack in a bid to stave off increasing competition in the smartphone sector.

Known as HTC Creative Labs, the freshly founded department will deliver services usually found exclusively on the Taiwanese company’s devices onto phones from the likes of Samsung and LG.

The move comes as HTC looks to capitalise on its first quarterly growth in years, helped along by the success of its flagship One M8 device.

Creative Labs’ first release will be an Android–wide edition of Zoe, the photo and video editing app which has proved something of a hit on its M7 and M8 phones.

Users will be able to pull together 16 photos or clips, add themes and share the results.

What’s more, friends will be able to add their own content, making Zoe a more social experience.

There are caveats, however. The report which details HTC’s plans says Zoe will be limited to the best Android smartphones with the latest version of the OS.

That discounts millions of users still stranded on older editions of the software.

It’s believed HTC will roll out other proprietary apps to Android rivals, although exactly what isn’t as yet clear.

Creative Labs will also be working on HTC–only software, which may hamper the company’s ability to truly branch out.



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