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  5. iPhone 6 display won’t use sapphire glass

iPhone 6 display won’t use sapphire glass

iPhone 6 display won’t use sapphire glass

Apple won’t be using sapphire glass for the iPhone 6’s display, it seems, despite a string of rumours to the contrary.

According to ‘a source with knowledge of [Apple's] plans’ cited by Venture Beat, the tech giant will run with a material that is stronger than the current Gorilla Glass found in the iPhone 5S.

iphone 6 screen ifanr

However, this will fall short of the sturdiness offered by sapphire.

Previous gossip pointed to Apple struggling to source enough sapphire displays for mass production.

The same insider also backs up a number of details about the iPhone 6 which have already been heard across the web.

Namely that there will be two models, one with a 4.7–inch screen, another sporting a 5.5–inch number, with the latter being released a month after the former.

He/she also states that NFC and AC standard Wi–Fi will also be on board, as well as a 2.0GHz A8 chip.

Apple is said to be holding a launch event on September 9th, before releasing the 4.7–inch device ten days later.

Expect to hear plenty more final details, and official word from Apple about its press gathering, in the coming weeks.


Venture Beat

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