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iPhone 6: Five more things we’ve learned

iPhone 6: Five more things we’ve learned

The world of iPhone rumours is never as frantic as in the final weeks before launch. And 2014 is proving to be no different.

There are now daily leaks of iPhone 6 parts, with everyone postulating about Apple’s plans. Some of the chatter goes over old ground, refining previous rumours.

But even at this late stage there are some juicy new morsels emerging about the two new iPhones we’re expecting to launch on September 9th.

Read on for five new things we’ve learned about the iPhone 6.

1 128GB storage

seeko iphone 6 leak

This hugely promising rumour comes at a time when smartphone storage needs a proper boost.

4G and streaming might make stashing files seem pointless, but games are getting ever bigger, as are apps.

Throw in the chance to watch clips while travelling and not having to rely on data connections and a 128GB iPhone 6 sounds ideal.

The device has been spotted in an inventory by phone repair firm Geek Bar.

It had previously been suggested this more capacious drive would only be found in the 5.5–inch iPhone 6.

But this new leak suggests it could be found in the smaller 4.7–inch model too.

2 iPhone 6L

iphone 6 dickson leak shrunk bottom

Not much has been heard about the larger 5.5–inch iPhone, other than everyone seeming certain that it exists.

Of course, that mouthful of a name is unlikely to stick. Remember the iPhone 5C was called the ‘budget iPhone’ before Apple gave it its official blessing.

One Chinese rumour monger reckons the handset will be called the iPhone 6L, the L presumably standing for large.

It makes sense, but should still be taken with a grain of salt.

3 5.5–inch rear shell

iphone 6 5.5-inch rear shell new leak

This week also saw a new leak of the larger iPhone’s rear shell.

This has been a common occurrence when it comes to the smaller version, but is the first time we’ve seen the larger device’s back.

Unsurprisingly, it looks much the same, only bigger.

The good news though is that this leak seems legit. The screw holes are in the right places, as are the cutout Apple logo, volume controls and power button.

The production of the so–called iPhone 6L is believed to have started later than the 4.7–inch effort, hence we’re only seeing these pics now.

4 Reversible Lightning cable compatible

iphone 6 lightning cable on apple logo

This clever accessory is bound to be a hit with Apple fanatics. Why?

Well it means no longer blindly shoving a USB cable into your Mac only to discover it’s the wrong way round.

The connector ‘floats’ in the middle and will slide in no matter which way up you use it.

It’s not clear yet whether this will ship with the iPhone 6, but it seems unlikely Apple would leave new users out of this cable revolution.

5 Just 1GB RAM?

iphone 6 mock up w/ ipod

Geek Bar, those chaps behind the 128GB rumour, also reckon that the iPhone 6 will come with just 1GB of RAM.

That’s measly compared to Samsung’s lineup. Its Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB and is about to be superseded by the Note 4, which should up its memory to 4GB.

It seems Apple isn’t that fussed. It never talks up its RAM credentials and doesn’t appear to care about such features.

To be fair, only the hardcore will complain, even if it does mean the device slows down dangerously within a year or two.

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